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Balbriggan Braces – The Latest In Smile Design Technology

Balbriggan Braces

If you’re looking for the most modern dental braces with the best results in the shortest time period, Castlemill Dental Clinic is your best choice. Why? We’ll talk about a few techniques in this article on ‘Balbriggan Braces’ or your choice of orthodontic providers in the wider Balbriggan area. 

Some of these the names you’ll hear about are ‘Damon Braces’ and ‘Propel’ and ‘Insignia Braces’ and we’ll cover what each these means in more detail below, but first a quick overall summary for those of you short of time, who want the TLDR version (too long didn’t read) aka just give me the most important facts now.

Quick overview of what makes our orthodontics system the best

Simply put, we use a 3D scanner to create a 3D model of your teeth, jaws, chin, the whole lower half of your skull essentially. That 3D model is then put into the Insignia Braces software by our trained dentist and your smile is essentially planned with the end result in mind. Your teeth are re-positioned in the software to create the best smile possible, showing the end result and then your braces are created specifically for your smile to create that end result as is planned.

It’s almost like software where you can build a virtual house and decorate it and see what it will look like after it’s done. We do the same thing with your teeth. Think about it, every smile is like a finger print. They’re unique. Your orthodontics system should be unique too.

There are two other aspects as to why our system is the most advanced and best. The type of braces we use are designed to work with the Insignia smile design system. They’re called Damon Braces and essentially they use a memory wire and a floating brace system. There’s more about why this is so good here, but essentially it allows us to move teeth in ways that traditional fixed wire braces can’t.

Lastly is something called ‘Propel’ which is a system where we can apply local anesthesia to the gums area and using a special device, make microscopic perforations in the bone structure above to tooth line of where the teeth need to move most. These tiny microscopic holes that are the left behind in the bone, allow the bone to shift much much faster. This reduces the time of the braces by several months.

Balbriggan Braces

Summary of the quick overview

Really if you’re not using Damon Braces and the Insignia smile design system, you’re going to end up with an inferior end result. 

Our system allows us to create a 3D model of the ‘finished result’ of your perfectly designed smile. 

You know how people with amazing smiles, usually have these beautifully straight and wide smiles, with just the right amount of curvature and no gaps around the side of their mouths? Imagine that flawlessly shaped smile… Have you got that picture in your mind?

Now imagine seeing the 3D model of that smile in your mouth. That’s how we begin this process.

That smile is created and then using the latest in braces technology, those braces are created and fitting to your teeth and the process of moving your teeth in that pre-determined, perfect position for the perfect smile for you, begins…

So what are you waiting for!? Book a free consultation now to meet the dentist who will be giving you the best smile possible, in the shortest time frame possible.  

Or scroll down for more detailed information about the best braces system currently available in the world.  

Balbriggan Braces - The Insignia System

What Makes It So Good?

Have you ever been to the dentist and they take an impression of your teeth? That’s where they put this clay like stuff into a mold and push it against your teeth, then they pull it off and there is an impression of your teeth left in the clay.

Well this is like the stone age compared to the Insignia System. Unfortunately many many dental clinics are still using old technologies and have not began using the Insignia System yet. 

There are some situations where dental impressions are useful, but when it comes to orthodontics and dental braces, if dental impressions are the only thing being used to see what your teeth look like, and to plan your braces, the dentist is only seeing a small part of the story. Why? Well it’s all to do with the roots. 

You teeth are just the the tip of the iceberg

The problem with traditional braces and taking these clay impressions of your teeth is, that doesn’t take into account the roots of your teeth!

It’s like previously, dentists were just looking at the top 30% of the tooth while doing orthondontics.

With this new 3D scanner and computer software the Insignia System uses, for the first time in history, the dentist can see the tooth and the root and take the whole tooth into account. 

Actual insignia patients - balbriggan braces

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