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Can dental fear be inherited?

People with a fear of dentists often avoid making dental appointments. It seems that fear of pain can be inherited and may be related to our fear of the dentist. As well as a genetic component, fear of the dentist may be influenced by our childhood experiences. Researchers studying this area hope to encourage better dental care so that people are more inclined to seek treatment.

Luckily, there are many things dentists can do to help terrified patients, such as cultivating a gentle bedside manner and keeping frightening-looking instruments out of sight.

Key takeaways

– Find a dentist with a soothing manner and calming environment

– Minimise dental care needs by maintaining good oral hygiene

– Having healthy teeth and gums reduces the risk of heart disease and other conditions

While you may never smile at the thought of a dental appointment it is essential that you seek help when you need it.

“For some, this fear is so intense that they ignore potentially serious problems because the idea of a visit to the dentist is simply too upsetting.”

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