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Causes of White Patches

Although leukoplakia is a quite common condition its precise causes are still a topic of debate. The condition itself usually presents as thick white patches on the surface of the tongue, gums, the linings of the cheeks and, occasionally, under the tongue and will often disappear by itself in a short time. Doctors and dentists are generally in agreement that leukoplakia is caused by irritants and the chief culprits are:-

– Smoking along with the use of tobacco products

– HPV or human papillomavirus

– Use of abrasive products like teeth whiteners

These are just a few possible causes of leukoplakia but the condition is harmless in most cases and a visit to the dentist will usually take care of the problem. As a recent article by Jennifer Huizen reassures us “most cases of white patches in the mouth are harmless”.

The article also reminds us that proper oral hygiene is the biggest weapon in preventing leukoplakia from developing. Although suffering with leukoplakia is hardly a reason to smile neither is it a reason for great concern and you can get the full facts at

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