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How cavemen treated their teeth

You think the injections and tools that your dentist uses are scary? Try to imagine how teeth treatment was like about 13000 years ago. With a caveman ‘dentist’, there would be no instant painkillers or drills and the fillings would be tar and plant fibers. Here are some details on cavemen’s dental treatments.

Key takeaways

– Scientists discovered a 1300-year-old human tooth in Italy which after research and analysis, proved to be from the Neolithic period.\

– The tooth was chipped, sort of modified and it had residues of unnatural hair and plant fibres on the side of the teeth.

– The presence of bitumen (natural tar and antiseptic) prove that the caveman had come up with ways of treating and filling teeth.

Dentist phobia can ruin your smile. Instead, think of the caveman’s dental visits and motivate yourself for regular dental checkups.

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