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Is Mouthwash Potentially Dangerous to Our Health?

teeth health smile dentistIf you’re brushing teeth with an antibacterial toothpaste, you’re doing the right thing. The antibacterial compound called Triclosan can help guarantee fewer trips to the dentist and cavity-free teeth. However, some have raised concerns about antibacterial mouthwash in regards to long-term health issues.

What do the majority of scientists believe?

Antibacterial mouthwash may interfere with how the body converts the nitrates in our saliva which can cause inflammation throughout the body – and heart disease. Your tongue is especially sensitive, and mouthwash containing triclosan can kill the good bacteria on the tongue.

Key takeaways

– Maintain a healthy diet with plenty of leafy green vegetables and beets, which help increase the nitrate level in saliva.

– Avoid antibacterial mouthwash and only brush your teeth (not your tongue) with antibacterial toothpaste

– Speak to your dentist about choosing the right mouthwash for your oral care.

Your dentist is unlikely to recommend beets to combat tooth decay but “we have to eat our vegetables and keep our tongue bacteria happy”

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