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Social Media Causes Widespread Dental Chaos

The more social media videos emerge recommending unsupervised home tooth straightening, the more damage the average dentist sees in their consulting room.

People with tooth gaps, under or overbites, and other smile irregularities are suffering permanent damage to their teeth and gums. Whether the technique uses string, paper clips, or elastic, the consequences are dire and often irreparable. An implant is often required, which can cost as much as $20, 000 to place and care for.

– There are hundreds of social media posts teaching risky straightening methods that can be done from home.

–  Rubber and string cut off blood supply, leading to tooth breakages, loss, and discolouration that your dentist may not be able to fix.

– When a tooth shifts, the bone dissolves and rebuilds, so orthodontics are carefully timed and staged to keep your smile intact.

The survey found that nearly 13 percent of the orthodontists said they’d had patients — ranging from the age of 8 to over 60 — who tried to fix their own teeth by pushing on their teeth, biting on pencils or using a variety of household items, including paper clips.” 

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