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Gum Recession Treatment

Understand Tooth Abscesses and How They Are Treated

A tooth abscess is a serious infection in or around your tooth which is a result of an infection that is spreading in your dental cavity. A tooth abscess can even form between your gum and tooth, requiring that you immediately see a dentist. Here are details about tooth abscesses and the treatment.

Key takeaways:

– Causes of teeth abscesses include decay from untreated cavities, a trauma that breaks teeth and poor oral habits, which facilitate bacteria in your teeth.

– Treatment involves Root Canal Therapy and if the infection is so severe, the dentist might opt to remove the tooth.

– Symptoms of a tooth abscess are; red, swollen gums, toothaches, fever and strange taste in the mouth.

Teeth abscesses will ruin your teeth and smile. Look out for the signs and symptoms and see a dentist immediately you notice one.

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