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Ways to Reduce the Impact of acid Reflux Upon Tooth Enamel

teeth health smile dentistWhile brushing and flossing regularly can help to guarantee a healthy smile and bright teeth, these may not be enough in some cases. Should acid exit the stomach and rise up to the mouth (a condition known as acid reflux), tooth enamel can degrade. Over time, this may lead to much more serious conditions. Are there any ways to lessen the impact of this condition?

Let’s take a quick look at three lifestyle changes which can have a notably positive impact.

– It is always best to avoid foods high in processed sugar as well as acidic substances.

– Abstaining from tobacco and alcohol can have a positive impact.

– Visit your dentist to determine if you may be suffering from acid reflux disease.

“Certain foods trigger certain people’s acid reflux—the most common ones include citrus foods, spicy and greasy foods, even chocolate and tomatoes.”

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