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Creating Beautiful Smiles Since 2005

Castlemill Dental Clinic is a modern clinic, specialized in advanced diagnostics and treatment of dental disorders. We guarantee comprehensive diagnostics and offer various forms of dental care, surgical procedures, and cosmetic dental services.

Dr Nicholas O’Kane (Dentist) took over Castlemill Dental Clinic in 2012 and offers state-of-the-art family dentistry to Balbriggan.

The daughter test

The Highest Standard of Care and Ethics

The highest quality dentistry and the absolute best ethical practices are Dr O’Kanes two highest priorities.

Many methods of cosmetic dentistry are potentially overly invasive and not ideal for long term dental health. Dr O’Kane asks himself “if my own daughter came to me and asked me to carry out this procedure on her would I?” With this in mind you as the patient will receive your treatment from a dentist who genuinely cares about providing you with minimally invasive, restorative dentistry.


Nervous patients welcome!

The staff at Castlemill Dental Clinic are friendly, sympathetic and highly skilled providing an affordable service second to none.

The atmosphere is kept fun and they’ll be sure to put you at ease with a laugh and the comfort of their professional expertise.  They are highly skilled, trained and specialise in providing care to both families and nervous patients.  If you’re ever worried or concerned with the dentist in anyway try Castlemill Dental Clinic. You’ll be glad you did.

Affordable, Quality Dentistry

Our goal for our patients is to give them a great value for their money. We’ll give you as much as we can while keeping your dental care affordable and effective. Dr O’Kane is careful to make sure your comfort is our priority, so our care is very gentle.

As Dr O’ Kane says, “The difference is in the detail!”

A Commitment to Innovation

Dr O’Kane stays at the forefront of developing research and technologies to offer his patients the best dental care possible. The dental treatments we offer are state-of-the-art, meaning you have less time spent in the chair and less recovery time from any necessary procedure.

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