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New Patients

Welcome to our friendly clinic!

You’re a new patient and you would like to visit us probably because you’ve heard great things about us from your friends or family. Or maybe you’ve read our great reviews online. We’re usually able to fit in new patient appointments within a week, or even on the same day if needed.

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What to expect

We recommend you bring with you any X-rays you might have. You’ll complete a medical history form when you arrive so we know what your dental goals are.

We try to not let our patients wait before their visits. If we do happen to run behind, it’s because one of our patients is getting the same high standard of care that you’ll get. We always do our best to run on time.

There is a big cozy sofa, an aquarium, a TV, a water cooler, bathrooms, magazines and wifi to keep you comfortable if you need to wait before or after your appointment for any reason.

Nervous? No need!

Dr Nicholas O’Kane (Dentist) and our nurses Anna and Tonya are great at keeping the mood light, yet professional. You’ll know exactly what to expect during the entire appointment, so there are no surprises. If you feel you’re not up to it, we’re keen on leaving it to another time. Your comfort is a priority and we don’t put any pressure on you.

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