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Cosmetic Consultations

Cosmetic Dentistry IN BALBRIGGAN

Smile Consultation

Your smile matters to us, so your first oral health consultation for any cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry at our clinic is completely thorough.

Our dentists will develop a restoration plan for your teeth based on a digital scan and a professional dental examination. After you are completely satisfied with the suggested solutions we will begin the treatment. Let us give you the smile of your dreams!

Digital CT Scan

First our dental radiologist takes a digital 3D CT Scan of your teeth.

Professional Consultation

We will discuss your primary issues and your wishes concerning your teeth.

Dental Examination

This is followed by a professional examination of the teeth and gums.

Complete Treatment Plan

We devise a complete treatment plan for restoring your healthy smile.

What is covered by the cosmetic dentistry consultation?


Dental Braces which are used to straighten teeth are covered in the consultation. We use the latest in technology for all our services and Damon Braces are the Roll Royce of orthodontics. Read more about these fantastic dental braces.


The ultimate choice for replacing lost teeth. Once an implant procedure is complete the resulting replacement tooth is permanent. It is at least as strong as your original tooth, if not stronger. You will be able to bite into apples and even hard candy. We only use the latest in dental implant technology.


We are the only clinic in Ireland to provide the revolutionary ‘chao pinhole gum rejuvenation‘ treatment for gum recession. This one-visit treatment will have your gums fixed with little to no pain or recovery. Treat yourself to gum rejuvenation and a healthier more youthful looking smile.

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