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Your child’s dental health

Having a smile to be proud of can boost your child’s self-confidence leading to a happy and fulfilling future. Key takeaways: – Stained teeth or a crooked smile can reduce your child’s self-esteem. – Establishing a regular oral care routine in childhood is important to set the foundation for healthy teeth for life; this can

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Dental Implants General Information

For many years dentures were the accepted way of replacing damaged or missing teeth. Nowadays, dental implants are the preferred option for many and with good reason. – Long Lasting. Implants last a lifetime although the crown may have to be replaced every ten or fifteen years. – Natural Looking. Dental implants look, feel and

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Care for Baby Teeth in Children

The full set of baby teeth will be in place before attaining the age of six years. Care for baby teeth is absolutely important even though they will later fall off. Key takeaways: – Help the child learn healthy oral care habits. –  Baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth – You will be ensuring

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Bad habits that accelerate TMJ disorder

If you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, you might be experiencing pain, soreness and muscle tension. Also known as TMJ, the disorder affects the joint where your skull and jaws attach. These factors will worsen TMJ pain: – Using your teeth inappropriately to chew ice, pens, and fingernails. – Grinding teeth when stressed or anxious. –

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Some Reasons Why Your Gums May Bleed

Bleeding gums are cause for concern, although they are not always or exclusively a symptom of gum disease. Key takeaways: – Brushing your teeth too hard or with a hard bristle toothbrush – Flossing for the first time or starting to floss after not doing it for a while – Medications or habits (such as

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Why you should never avoid going to the dentist

Avoiding going to the dentist due to fear may lead to serious dental problems such as tooth loss. Key takeaways: – It is important not to let dental fears prevent you from visiting the dentist to avoid dental problems in the future – Your dentist will be happy to discuss your fears and reassure you

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How you can avoid the common pitfalls of oral care

You may think your oral care routine is thorough and effective, however, there are several common pitfalls that trip many people up. Your dentist will happily advise if you are concerned. Key takeaways: – 3 out of 10 Britons admit to only brushing their teeth once daily; teeth should be brushed twice daily, especially before

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Managing bruxism (teeth grinding)

Bruxism causes significant damage to your dental health, including tearing your gum tissue to wearing down your tooth enamel. It would be wise to visit a dentist if you grind your teeth. Key takeaways: – People grind their teeth when stressed, anxious, angry or asleep. – Your teeth can get broken and chipped, therefore expose

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Caring and avoiding itchy gums

Having itchy gums is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. They can be caused by injuries, allergies, gum disease or effects from bruxism. Key takeaways: Avoid eating things you are allergic to, brush your teeth regularly, seek other stress-relieving methods and see a dentist if symptoms persist. – Itchy gums are usually accompanies by swelling, redness, pain,

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