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Should You Be Worried About Mid-Life Tooth loss?

A new study underscores the need to take care of teeth and gums throughout your life. The study found that there is a link between middle-age tooth loss and coronary heart disease.
Three major findings from the study are:

– Adults who had lost two or more teeth are 23% more likely to develop heart disease
– There is no significant risk of interest in those who had lost only one tooth
– Risk increased where dietary habits or conditions were poor

The main lesson of this report is that oral health, i.e. taking care of the gums and teeth, is vital to avoiding heart disease as well as tooth loss.
“The notion that oral health is linked to CVD is not new — in fact, it was first established more than 100 years ago.”
Read about this important study and its findings here

and arrange a checkup with your dentist to discuss your own risks.

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