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For a lot of people visiting the dentist is a worrying experience.  This is normal and at Castlemill Dental Clinic we understand.  

In fact we’re specifically trained in how to best help nervous patients.  We are experts in compassionate care.  

Plus we have a very relaxed, friendly and sympathetic clinic.  If you’re not sure take a look through our reviews.  

Lots of patients specifically say “I used to be afraid of the dentist but not any more thanks to Castlemill.”  It’s comments like that which make our day.

If you are feeling nervous do tell us and we’ll be extra thoughtful and take really good care of you.  We absolutely promise.  If there’s anything that you’re not comfortable with or not ready for today,  just say and we do whatever you want to do.  There’s absolutely zero pressure.

Feel free to give us a call and typically speak to either Tonya or Nic.  You can see them in the ‘about us’ page as well.


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We have a basic dental price list on our site.  However it’s best to either call us or even better pop in for an assessment.  Sometimes prices can be lower for example if you’re looking for two dental implants then it’s going to cost less than two single dental implants.  Standard things like fillings can depend on the size of the filling.  Small ones are less expensive than big ones.  

One massive cost effective thing about Castlemill Dental Clinic for you is this..   We have a full range of dental services available under one roof.  Lots of other dental clinics will actually send clients to specialists which costs two and a half times as much as our prices.  

For example… typically when someone needs a root canal on a molar it will often be referred to a specialist, we offer treatment of a comparable standard, with the same equipment and materials, but at a fraction of  the cost, and can even reduce the need for highly expensive follow on treatments such as crowns- a molar root canal and crown could well cost in excess of €2000, where we can have you good to go with a special kind of filling which, not quite as strong as a crown,  acts like an internal crown, for €490.  Or we can do it with a crown for far less than most of our competitors. 

General Questions

It’s recommended you see a dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and cleaning.  Reason being is that this way is much cheaper and less invasive than leaving it until you feel pain.  Usually if it’s a case of you are feeling pain it’s not going to be a pleasant experience to visit the dentist.  However visiting the dentist twice a year we catch anything while it’s still tiny and super easy to deal with.  You’ll barely feel a thing and it won’t be stressful or expensive.  Take if from us, we’re not saying visit the dentist twice a year so we can make more money.  We actually make less money this way because the really bad stuff is what is most expensive. Regular checkups are going to save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while book an appointment right away.

You should get a sensitive tooth checked immediately if it’s recently become sensitive.  It could be a case of a root infection that if left could spread.  To catch it quickly will be much easier to fix, cost less time and money and discomfort.  However if your teeth or usually sensitive it’s normally nothing to worry about and may be corrected using special sensitivity toothpaste. However, it is worth mentioning to your dentist. If you have sudden or extreme tooth sensitivity, it could be a sign of underlying decay beneath the surface of your teeth.  The quicker it gets resolved the better it will be for you.  It could be the difference of a lot of time and money for you.  So do act quickly.

There are three components to a dental implant.  The implant itself, the crown (or the ceramic tooth) and the abutment (which attaches the tooth to the implant).  Typically the implant is the longest lasting component.  If you get a dental checkup twice a year a dental implant can last a lifetime. 

Crowns typically last 10 – 15 years, however if you get regular dental checkups and have excellent oral hygiene they could last longer.

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