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The Importance of Flossing Every Day

You brush your teeth twice a day and you see your dentist twice a year. But are you flossing? Flossing is an integral part of a good oral hygiene regimen because it reaches those parts of your teeth your toothbrush cannot.

These tips will help you floss for the best results:

– It is actually better to floss before brushing

– It is recommended that 15-18 inches of floss be used for each session

– It should take about 5 minutes to floss

– See your dentist if your gums bleed when flossing; you may be flossing too aggressively, or you many have gum disease and need treatment.

“Your dentist can show you how to correctly floss during your next check-up”.

You can also read more about the four points above in this article

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