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Teeth Whitening When You Have Implants or Dentures

For a bright, white smile, there’s nothing better than a professional teeth whitening. If you intend to get either a dental implant or dentures, you should know a few things about whitening.

Key takeaways:

– It is best to get teeth whitening done before getting implants or dentures.

– Dental implants are made from porcelain which is resistant to stains!

– Dentures are created from a different material that does stain, but won’t benefit from whitening.

– Remove stains from dentures daily through brushing and flossing.

– It is possible to have your dentures professionally polished, but if the colour changes too much, you may want to have them replaced.

“You can have the bright smile of your dreams even with restoration work, just ask your dentist how!”

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