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The Value of the Tooth Fairy

The Value of the Tooth Fairy

A child has 20 baby teeth which they will begin to lose between age 5 to 7, to be replaced by their 32 adult teeth. For years parents have used the idea of the tooth fairy to mark the loss of each baby tooth.

Key takeaways:

  • Notes left by the tooth fairy can remind children how important brushing their teeth and flossing are.
  • A letter can praise a child’s bravery if they have needed a tooth removed at the dentist.
  • Cash does not need to be the only option as treats such as a small toy or tickets to the zoo could be considered instead.

“Tooth containers are another popular item associated with visits from the tooth fairy. Mini treasure chests are an option. Tooth-shaped pillows or monogrammed pillows with pockets to hold the lost tooth will help to avoid losing the important item before the tooth fairy arrives to collect it.”

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